If you need immediate medical attention, including response from Emergency Medical Technicians or an ambulance to respond to your location, CALL 911.
If your condition is not life threatening our urgent care services may well provide the best possible alternative.
With two convenient locations in north and south east Fresno, you are never too far away from the urgent care you need for life's little accidents.


What is Urgent Care?

Urgent care is for conditions that require prompt attention but do not pose an immediate, serious threat to your health or life. For a complete list of services, here.


No Appointment Necessary

You can't plan when you or your loved one is going to be sick. Print and fill out this form before coming in to save even more time.




Urgent Care Services 2 Convenient Locations In the News
cross Abscess incision and drainage cross Gastrointestinal disorders
cross Allergic Reactions cross Gout
cross Allergies cross High Blood Pressure
cross Asthma cross Itchy skin
cross Athlete's foot/fungus infection cross Migraine
cross Bronchitis cross Nausea
cross Burns from heat or chemical exposure cross Rashes
cross Congestion cross Runny nose
cross Cough cross Sinus infection
cross Diaper rash cross Skin allergy
cross Ear infection cross Skin infections
cross Earache cross Sore throat
cross Eye infection cross Stomachaches and stomach pains
cross Fever cross Urinary tract infections
cross Flu symptoms cross Wound infection

And when your primary care physician is unavailable or if you don’t have a primary care physician.

Click here for a more detailed list of services.

Sara Sandrik with Channel 30 Healthwatch highlights Dr. Ify Ekelem and the benefits of an Urgent Care facility during this flu season.
Dr. Ekelem discusses recent swine flu outbreaks and how to stay safe.